AdvoLogix Setup: Timekeeping

The Timekeeping options pertain to how your organization chooses to track Time entries and customize the Billing Preview.

General Timekeeping Options

  1. Activate Time Rounding for newly added Time records. When enabled enter the rounding interval. Time will always be rounded up, to the nearest interval of the specified incremental rounding value.  

    EXAMPLE: Incremental Rounding Value: 15 (minutes) actual time of 20 minutes will result in 30 minutes (.5 hrs)

  2. Select a custom text field to override the default Description field used for Time entries. This allows your organization to choose a field larger than the AdvoLogix default of 255 characters. (new in Summer 2016)

  3. Restricting the Timekeeper in the Timesheet locks the  Timesheet filter to the current logged in user.

  4. The option to Limit the Multi Timer to 1 running timer allows organizations the ability to restrict users from running multiple timers concurrently.  When enabled, the running timer will be automatically paused when a new timer is started or a paused timer is restarted.

  5. Use these options to customize the field used for the default Time description when creating new Time records (log time) from an Activity or Content record.

    Billing Preview Customization Options

  6. Reorder the display of fields from left to right. Lower numbers are the left-most columns

  7. Disable or edit the options for the specified column.

  8. Add an additional custom field to the billing preview. Because the Billing Preview displays both Time and Expenses this option allows organizations to choose a field from each object to represent this column.

When option 4 is enabled, the Multi Timer will fire the ForcePaused event for the timer being forced to pause mode (when a new timer is started).