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AdvoLogix Setup: Conflict Check

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The conflict check options allow organizations to tailor the sources used for the conflict of interest search.

­čžÉ Do you know where to find the AdvoLogix Setup tab? ┬áGo to the app launcher (waffle) and search for setup. ┬áSelect AdvoLogix Setup from the search results.

  1. By default, AdvoLogix will search accounts, contacts and participant's. The default participant setting is designed to include only those participants using the other record type designation.

  2. Organizations have the option to include other types of information in the conflict check search. Use this section to add other standard or custom objects to the sources of information used by the search.

  3. Search Scope has two options:
    • Primary Name Fields: Searches only the primary name field(s) within the selected objects. Most objects only have one primary name field however in some cases (such as Accounts and Contacts) there may be more than one field.
    • All Searchable Fields: Searches all searchable fields with the object selected.

Search Scope Definitions

1. Primary Name Fields

  • Accounts
    Name (local), Site, Website

  • Contacts
    AssistantName, FirstName (local), LastName (local)

  • Participants

Please see this section titled NAME FIELDS in this platform document for more information.

2. All Searchable Fields

  • Accounts
    Account Name (local)
    Account Number
    Account Site
    Billing Address
    Shipping Address
    Ticker Symbol

  • Contacts
    Asst. Phone
    First Name (local)
    Home Phone
    Last Name (local)
    Mailing Address
    Other Address
    Other Phone

  • Participants

  • Custom Objects and Fields
    All custom fields of type text, text area, long text area, and rich text area
    All custom fields of type email and phone
    All custom auto-number fields and custom fields that are set as an external ID (no need to enter leading zeros)

Please see this article for more details on searchable fields in lightning experience.

Custom object records are searchable only if the custom object is associated with a custom tab. Users aren't required to add the tab for display. The same field types are also searchable for custom fields on standard objects. If an object has custom fields, you can find records of that object with the custom field values.

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