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AdvoLogix Web-Based Solution (legacy)


AdvoLogix is a web-based solution running on the platform. Most of your experience will be unique to AdvoLogix. You will also have access to other features that are related to the platform. Basic knowledge of Applications, Tabs, Drop-down lists and other navigation tips will speed your success.

The AdvoLogix user interface is navigated using the main menu toolbar illustrated below.

  1. The AdvoLogix main menu.
  2. Global Search across the entire application.
  3. This is the current user’s menu (drop-down) for system options.
  4. Open System Setup, may not be shown for all users.
  5. General system help for using the platform (not AdvoLogix specific help). 
  6. Used to select the active main menu. 
  7. The plus sign on the far right of the menu will open a list of shortcuts for all functionality available. 
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