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This is a collection of the information about the company/firm using AdvoLogix, which determines the default behavior of many features.  Much of the information is set up during the initial sign-up process, but system administrators can modify the data as needed to ensure they are correct.

Business Hours

Specify the hours when your support team is available to serve customers. This helps make your department’s processes, such as escalations and milestones, more accurate.  

For more information: Set Business Hours

Calendar Settings: Public Calendar & Resources

Use a public calendar to manage group activities. For example, track a group’s events, such as marketing events, product releases, or training classes, or schedule a common activity, such as a team vacation. Use a resource calendar to schedule the use of a shared resource, such as a conference room or an overhead projector.  

For more information: Create & Manage a Public Calendar or a Resource Calendar

Company Information

The Company Information page shows all the important information about your company/firm.  

For more information: Manage Information About Your Company


Locales determine the display formats for date and time, users’ names, addresses, and commas and periods in numbers. The start day of the week for calendars varies per locale. For single-currency organizations, locales also set the default currency for the organization when you select them in the Currency Locale picklist on the Company Information page.  

For more information: Locales Overview

What about users in different locales?

When setting up the company profile - locale settings will be inherited from the default locale setting (on the company profile) down to the user's personal local settings.

In an international company with users in different locales, time zones and speaking different languages: each user has their own personal local settings on their user record.  

When a system administrator creates a user requiring different locale settings, he/she can simply change the default settings on the user record.  In this way, the administrator can ensure that every user has the correct locale, language and time zone settings. 

Time Zone

Time zone determines what time zone is used to display the start and end times in events, and in Date/Time fields.  

For more information: Supported Time Zones


If you have a single-currency organization, you can set the default currency for your organization. Multi-currency organizations don’t have a default currency. Instead, change your corporate currency or your personal currency.  

For more information: Set Your Personal or Org-Wide Currency

Data Protection & Privacy

Data protection and privacy regulations can require you and your company to keep individuals’ personal data secure and private. We’ve listed some of the regulations that are important to many companies collecting and processing their customers’ data.  

For more information: Data Protection & Privacy

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year determines what start and end dates are used when users select a time frame in reports or forecasts.  By default the system uses a standard fiscal year which follows the Gregorian calendar.  

For more information: Define Your Fiscal Year


Holidays let you specify the dates and times your customer support team is unavailable. After you create a holiday, you can associate it with business hours to suspend business hours and escalation rules during holiday dates and times.  

For more information: Set Up Support Holidays

Language Settings

Administrators can define a default language for the organization and the languages available to users. Users can choose their personal language.  

For more information: Setting Language Options

My Domain

My Domain lets you specify a customer-specific name to include in your Salesforce org URLs.  With a My Domain, you can customize your login page and better manage user login and authentication. Because orgs with a My Domain are more secure, many Salesforce features require one.  

For more information: My Domain

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