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How do I create an Account?


You can add a new Account from the Accounts tab.  The Account object allows your firm to collect information about the companies your firm does business and interacts with. The Account record is supported by other records (matters, contacts, activities, etc.) that collectively give your firm a 360° view of your clients. From this vantage point, you can easily view from the top, and if you need to, you can easily drill into the details.  Each Matter can have one Primary Account and several participant Accounts.

Accounts Tab

Accounts TAB

Selecting the Accounts tab brings you to the Accounts tab home page.  The Accounts tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create and locate all types of Accounts.

Create a New Account From the Account Tab

Create New Account  ~  From Account TAB Home Page

Click the New button.

Create a New Account From an Account List View

Create New Account  ~  From An Account List View

Click the New Account button.

Add Detail

Add Detail
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