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Onboarding a New User

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For an individual to access the AdvoLogix application, the system administrator must first add them as a user, then assign them to the AdvoLogix package. The new user may optionally be setup as a timekeeper if applicable.

Step 1: Verify Available Licenses

Do you have a license available to be assigned to the new user?
Before you proceed any further, go to Setup >> Quick Find: Company Information >> User Licenses.  The most common license that a user will need is a Salesforce Platform license.  The system administrator will need to verify that there is a license available to assign to your new user.  Please see the example below.  If you do not have any licenses available, please contact [email protected] before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: Create the User

The system administrator will need the individual's basic contact information to add them as a user.  The individual's first name, last name, email address, and time zone will be needed. Continue the process by following this link: How to Create a User

User Profiles
Each user is assigned to a specific user profile which allows administrators the ability to tailor the user experience and data permissions for a specific type of user. For instance, practice area managers may have access to information and functionality not afforded to other personas within the organization.

Step 3: Assign the User to the Package

An individual added as a user does not yet have access to AdvoLogix.  The system administrator will then need to assign one of the AdvoLogix licenses to the new user. Continue the process by following this link: Add or Remove Users From a Package

Step 4: Create a Timekeeper (optional)

If the new user will be tracking time, the user will need to establish a timekeeper profile. Continue the process by following this link: Timekeeper Setup

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