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How to Create a User

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In order for an individual to access the AdvoLogix application, you must enter that person as an AdvoLogix User.  You can reset passwords, edit existing users, add new, activate and deactivate access to the system.  Prior to user setup, you will need to collect at least the user's first name, last name, email address and time zone for each user to be set up. 

Navigate to Setup and click inside the Quick Find box.  Input Users and select the second one highlighted in the list.  Now select the New Users button.  Choose New User.

Add Required and Optional Information (Part 1)

Add Required and Optional Information (Part 1)
  1. Provide the user's first and last names.
  2. The Alias (Short name to identify user on list pages, reports, and other pages where the entire name does not fit) will auto-populate the first letter of first name and first 4 letters of last name.  
    • This can be changed to a custom Alias if desired  -- Up to eight characters are allowed in this field.
  3. Provide the user's email address.
  4. Provide the user's login username.
  5. The Community Nickname will auto-populate.
  6. Enter any data relevant to your organization in the Optional fields.

Add Required and Optional Information (Part 2)

Add Required and Optional Information (Part 2)
  1. Select a Role (optional)
  2. Set user License (In regards to AdvoLogix user license settings : 'Salesforce' for Admin users or 'Salesforce Platform' for non-admin users)
  3. Select  a Profile  
  4. If this user will have access to the mobile application, check "Mobile User".
  5. Optionally, enter phone, fax, mobile and other non-required fields.

Add Additional Optional Information

Add Additional Optional Information
  1. Optionally, enter Mailing Address information for the user.
  2. Optionally, enter Additional Information for the user.
  3. Optionally, enter Local Settings information for the user.

Approver Settings

Approver Settings

Set preference for receiving approval request emails.  For more information See's Change your Approval user Settings). Newsletter Settings and Generate Password w/ Notification Newsletter Settings and Generate Password w/ Notification
  1. Optionally choose to have the user Receive the newsletter or Receive the administrator newsletter.
    • Opt in to receive user-targeted or administrator-targeted promotional emails from This field is not available if your organization has disabled your choice to receive emails from
  2. Check Generate new password and notify user immediately so that your new user will receive an email with their login information.
  3. Click Save to Finish and go elsewhere in the AdvologixPM application OR Save & New to Finish  to create another Staff (User) record.


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