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Creating a New Contact

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Contacts are a core component of a good Matter Management system. Thanks to the platform, AdvoLogix has the best in class platform to build our legal matter management system.  Contacts may optionally be assigned to an Account which provides relevant business hierarchy for Contacts within organizations.  Contacts are very critical for profiling Matter relationships such as co-counsel, opposition, insurance reps, and so on.  Matters can have one Primary Contact and several Participant Contacts.

Contacts Tab

Contacts TAB
  1. Select the Contacts tab
    • The Contacts tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create and locate all types of Contacts.
  2. Select New button
  3. Choose the Contact record type (if applicable)
  4. Select Continue

Add Contact Details

Add Contact Details

Add Contact information for the new Contact.  Any field with a red line is a required field and must be filled in to save the record.  Select Save to save the new Contacts' information.  Optionally, select Save & New to go directly to a new blank Contact form to add another new Contact.

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