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Importing Accounts and Contacts

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With the Import Wizard, administrators and Users with the “Modify All Data” permission, can import up to 50,000 business Accounts and Contacts at a time for multiple users.

We recommend importing a small test file first to verify that your setup is correct.

Step One: Create Your File to Import

Once your file is ready, navigate to Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Import Accounts/Contacts.  Review the steps provided on the welcome page, then select 'Start the Import Wizard'. 

Step One: Create Your File to Import

Step Two: Upload the File

  1. Click Browse to load your file.
  2. Select the character encoding of your file. (Most users will not need to change the default character encoding setting.)
  3. Choose whether to match your organization’s contacts by Salesforce ID, name, or email. Similarly, choose whether to match your organization’s accounts by Salesforce ID or by name and site. Note that matching by Salesforce ID is inclusive of both contacts and accounts.
  4. Organizations that use the Translation Workbench can specify the language of the import data.
  5. Select the checkbox to trigger workflow rules for new and updated records that match workflow rule criteria.
  6. Click Next to continue.

Step Three: Map the Fields

Map the Fields

  1. On four different mapping pages, the wizard associates the Salesforce field names with the field names from your import file. You must check the default mappings and alter any incorrect mappings. For more information about the default field mappings, see Preparing Your Data for Import.
  2. Remember to map the Record Owner field with your Record Owner field so that record ownership is assigned correctly. When importing records by Salesforce record ID, the Record Owner field in your import file is ignored. All records retain their existing owners; record owners cannot be updated using the import wizard.
  3. On the Map Account Fields page, check the Overwrite existing account values box if you want to overwrite existing account fields with your import data. Note that you cannot use this checkbox to update existing field data with blank values.
  4. When all fields are assigned correctly, click Next.

Map the Miscellaneous Fields

  1. The wizard reports the fields that do not map. In Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Edition organizations, you can choose whether the un-mapped fields should be imported into an account or contact Note or should not be imported at all. The fields are imported into a single account Note or a single contact Note; separate note fields are not created for each import field.
  2. When all fields are assigned correctly, click Next.

Step Four: Review and Confirm

If you are not the intended record owner, exit the import wizard and modify the import file and begin again.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you have not specified a record owner for each row in your import file, all records will be imported with the record owner being the User that is currently logged in.

Select Import Now

Shortly after, you will receive an import confirmation email.  The email will list all data that was successfully imported to your AdvoLogix org.

Step Five: Check Progress & Confirm Import

To check your import's progress:

  • You can use the Import Queue to check the progress of your import. Click Your Name | Setup | Monitoring | Imports. Alternatively, click the Import Queue link on the Import Wizard for My Organization page. For imports that have not begun processing, you can click Del to cancel the import.

To confirm your data has been imported:

  • Navigate to 'New This Week' list view on Contact tab or Account tab to confirm import.
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