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How do I add Time from a Matter?


AdvoLogix provides basic timekeeping functionality suitable for most firms desiring integrated timekeeping with their matter management.  You can add time records directly from a Matter.

If your firm will be using the AdvoLogix Timekeeping features please complete the Timekeeping Setup procedures. 

Choose a Matter

Choose a Matter
  1. Click on the name of a Matter OR
  2. Proceed to an alternate list view and choose a matter there

Create a New Time Entry

Add 'NEW' Time

Hover over the Time link and select the New Time button.

Create Time Record
  1. Information
    • Matter - Defaults to Matter navigated from
    • Owner - Defaults to the person logged in and creating the time record (can be changed after save)
  2. Time Details
    • Entry Date - Date corresponding to time
    • Time (in hours) - Quantity of hour(s) associated with this time entry
    • Rate - Choose a pre-existing Rate from the Rate Table
    • Rate Amount - Set a Rate Amount for the time entry or choose a Rate above ( from the Rate Table) and Rate Amount will default to the amount of chosen Rate
    • Timekeeper - Person time record attributed to (may be different than logged in record creator - default owner)
  3. Description - Comments or descriptive details associated to the time record

View the Newly Created Time Record

View Newly Created Time Record

The Time detail page will show the information for the newly created time record and Time history will record creation information.

Newly Created Time Record in a Matter Related List

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