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4-Column Collapsible Invoice Lightning Record Page

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The 4-Columns Invoice record page provides your users the best user experience for viewing all your invoice data in one place without having to navigate away for anything else. This invoice view supports and utilizes a 3-column structure with the ability to collapse the left-most and right-most panes to respective sides of your screen.

How do I use the 4-column invoice lightning page?

You can find the the 4-column invoice lightning record page within the Lightning App Builder named AdvoLogixSM Invoice Record Page (4ColView).

To use this lightning record page, your system administrator may either view and then activate the page for your users OR clone and then activate with full editing capability to move the components within the designer panes.

To activate this lightning page follow these steps:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager.  Select the custom Invoice object.
  2. From the sidebar select Lightning Record Pages.
  3. Within the list that is displayed, find and open and edit the AdvoLogixSM Invoice Record Page (4ColView) within the Lightning App Builder.
  4. Click Activate to set the page be loaded for invoice record when viewing.

4-Column Invoice View Breakdown

  1. Upload New Invoice button is an assistive action which utilizes your current lightning application's utility bar and puts the first component in the view to be opened on it's click.

    šŸšØThis action is only available when you have the Upload Invoice component as the first item in the utility bar.

  2. The Invoice List View Drop-Down Menu allows users to switch between their pre-configured invoice list views with ease.
  3. The Invoices list displays the data and columns based on your chosen invoice list view.
  4. The Invoice highlight panel is to display your Edit, Delete and Submit Invoice actions.
  5. The Invoice Line Items list is presented using the AdvoLogix Enhanced List component with the List Builder to customize display columns and ability to search and perform inline edit with ease.  The line items shown are related to the invoice selected on the invoices list view.
  6. The Invoice Preview panel gives users the ability to preview the attachments for the selected invoice.

    šŸšØThis preview panel utilizes your browser's file previewing settings to preview the attachments for each invoice. To enable the preview panel, the system administrator must enable the following security permissions within the organization:
    • Go to Salesforce Setup | Security | File Upload and Download Security.
    • Select the Edit button.
    • Within the table of items, change the Download Behavior for .pdf File Type to Execute in Browser.
    • Click Save.

  7. The Invoice insights panel provides a preview with inline editing capability.
  8. The Account insights panel provides a preview of the related account with inline editing capability.
  9. The Contact insights panel provides a preview of the related contact with inline editing capability.
  10. The Matter insights panel provides a preview of the related matter with inline editing capability.
  11. The Salesforce Files related list provides quick access to all of your files attached to the invoice record.
  12. The left and right pane collapsible button to collapse the pane and it's content from view.

The insights panels display information dynamically using the current compact layout assigned to the respective record being viewed.

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