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Introduction to Invoices

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Invoices are at the core of Spend Management. An invoice (or billing) is a representation of the fees or expenses that have been billed, usually by an outside counsel.

In AdvoLogix, Invoices have the ability to be related to a matter and an account which is useful for identifying the client related to the Matter. Fees and expenses can be identified with helpful activity/task or expense codes. AdvoLogix supports importing of LEDES formatted invoice with proper code tagging in the process, which may further help track spend analysis as well as comparison within your client or associated matter budgets.

Invoices Tab

The Invoices tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create new invoices or navigate through a list of invoices. It also allows bulk editing of invoices and dynamic and advance filtering; along with ability to mass submit for approval quickly.

Based on the different status applied to individual line items with an invoice, the collective invoice state is automatically computed and rolled up into each invoice automatically. 

For example, if there is at least one line item with a Stop state, then the invoice will be set to Stop state as well, similarly, if there is at least one line item with a Warn state, then the invoice will be set to Warn state, otherwise the invoice remain in Go state as default.

Invoice Line Items Tab

The Invoice Line Items tab displays a home page that lets you quickly navigate through a list of invoice line items. It also allows bulk editing as well as dynamic and advanced filtering. Quickly identify line items that may have been automatically flagged by the invoice rules compliance scanning.

A line item can remain in one of these three possible states:

  • Go
  • Warn
  • Stop

The line item states are automatically determined while adding a new line item, and can be manually triggered by forcing a fresh scan against the associated invoice rules for the related account or matter by using a checkbox on the line item labelled Initiate Rule Scan.

Invoice Approvals

Most organizations would prefer to implement their customized approval process around invoices. An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. You can specify each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.

Mass Submit for Approval Action

AdvoLogix provides a list action button for the Submit for Approval. You can add this action button within your invoice search layouts for the ability to tag multiple invoices and batch submit them for approvals. This will help your outside counsel users to easily submit multiple invoices for approval.

Invoices to Approve⚡Component & Tab

AdvoLogix provides an Invoice to Approve tab and a lightning home or app page component to display invoices that have been submitted for approvals, with added filtering capability. For how to add this to your lightning pages, follow this link.

To use the Submit for Approval, an approval process must be implemented by your organization for Invoices. For more details about the approval process, follow this link.

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