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Introduction to Legal Service Provider Experience

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AdvoLogix Spend Management provides an integrated experience for legal service providers and provides baseline support with capabilities to import the LEDES 1998B e-Billing files as invoices and ability to review and with real-time status notifications for the submitted invoices.

Our integrated solution includes, ability to setup a digital experience site for your legal service providers which includes a fully customizable user experience that allows uploading there e-billing files as invoices and ability to review and submit them to you in-house counsels.

Invoices added by legal service providers are automatically scanned and flagged against the configured invoice rules for compliance. Legal service providers can review, correct, and re-submit their invoices in a very fast and streamlined process flow.

Legal service providers counsels can track the matter budgets, with support of tightly integrated American Bar Association's UTBMS Codes both with budgets as well as invoices, can help analyze your spends against your budgets very easily.

AdvoLogix includes a lightning community template to jump start setting up a portal for your legal service providers. For more details follow this article.

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