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Invoice Line Item Quick Action⚡Component

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In Spend Management, an invoice is usually generated by an outside counsel. In some cases, an invoice may need to be generated manually and for that specific use case, AdvoLogix provides an easy-to-use Invoice Line Item Quick Action lightning component.

The Invoice Line Item Quick Action lightning component is only available on lightning record pages for the invoice object.

How do I add the component to an invoice lighting page?

1. Deployment Use Cases

The primary use case for the component is within the context of a community setup for outside counsels; however, the component may also be deployed and used for in-house counsels as well.

2. Deployment Options

  • Hide Add Fee Action: Enable this option to disable the ability to add a Fee type invoice line item.

  • Hide Add Expense Action: Enable this option to disable the ability to add an Expense type invoice line item.

Adding an invoice line item from within this component can automatically pre-fill the account from the invoice record.

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