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The Need for Spend Management

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The use of legal service providers has many benefits but also many pitfalls. The most common of these being surprise invoices and costs overruns. AdvoLogix Spend Management provides you complete control over the financial aspects of utilizing legal service providers in your legal practice. When used in combination with AdvoLogix legal project management capabilities, Spend Management provides complete control over legal projects, spend control, and communication related to all aspects of matter management involving legal service providers.

AdvoLogix Spend Management allows you to manage your matters that involve legal service providers in a streamlined way. You have the ability to set and assign milestones, tasks, and responsible parties, as well as set budgets and provide client portals for complete collaboration. When a legal service provider submits invoices, they are automatically validated for compliance to pre-negotiated terms. No more surprise invoices or long phone calls to resolve invoicing issues. Invoice control and web-based collaboration ensure legal projects are on time and on budget.

Core Elements of Spend Management

Matter Management

Matter Management includes the abilities to track related legal work. With AdvoLogix Matter Management, you can effectively manage all aspects of matters with related tasks, documents, appointments, and time tracking. Matter management servers as the foundation of support for in-house counsel.  AdvoLogix’s comprehensive matter management capabilities include:

  • Contact, calendar, and task management
  • Matter and case management
  • Integrated time keeping 
  • Client intake forms and portals
  • Document templates
  • Document management system
  • Robust reporting with report builder
  • Complete customization capabilities
  • Full featured mobile app
  • Workflow and approval queues
  • Integrated with Google Apps, MS Office, Outlook
  • Enterprise class security
  • Integrated CRM
Vendor Management

Vendor Management includes the capabilities of an organization to take measures for controlling cost, identifying potential risks, etc. AdvoLogix provides the full 360o view of your vendors along with associating them as participants to your matters, assigning timekeepers to track your legal fees/expenses, and enable them with capabilities for legal service providers.

Invoice Management

Invoice Management is at the core of Spend Management. It includes abilities to support e-Billing for legal service providers, review invoices before payments, check for compliance against your standard legal practice norms, and structures within your organization using invoice rules that can flag the invoices automatically for compliance.

Budget & Financials

Budgets are an important part of Spend Management analysis. AdvoLogix provides organization, vendor and matter-level analytics out-of-the-box. With ability to prepare your budget by phases or person roles or build your budgets by vendors for multiple matters or allocate budgets by UTBMS (Uniform Task Based Management System).


AdvoLogix delivers an integrated analytics view for your vendors, matters, and budgets with full visibility into your invoices. This includes report builder to build your own reports, dashboards and charts; with capabilities to include them on individual vendors and matters.

Legal Service Provider Portal

Most vendors are enabled as legal service providers. Our integrated legal service providers solution provides baseline support with capabilities to import your LEDES 1998B e-Billing files as invoices. With an automatic scan against your configured invoice rules and flagged in the process. Legal service providers can review, correct, and re-submit their invoices in a very streamlined flow.

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