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Accrual Notifications Overview

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Accruals play a crucial role in the financial management of corporate legal departments, providing a reliable mechanism for tracking and estimating legal expenses and obligations. Accrual notifications serve as essential reminders to ensure timely and accurate accrual submissions.

For receiving accrual notifications, your organization must specify participants within your matter as recipients. AdvoLogix will send reminders to any Contact or User participant within your matter who has a Role of Accrual Notifications assigned to them.

Add 'Accrual Notifications' as a Role for Participants
  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager | Participant.
  2. Select the Fields & Relationships tab.
  3. Find and open the Role (multi-picklist) field.
  4. Under the Values section, select the New button.
  5. Enter a new picklist value Accrual Notifications and select Contact and User record type names.
  6. Select Save.
Don't see 'Accrual Notifications' as a role for participants?
  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager | Participant.
  2. Select Record Types tab.
  3. For both Contact and User record types, execute the steps below:
    1. Under the Picklists Available for Editing section, find the Role field and click the Edit action link.
    2. Move the Accrual Notifications picklist value from the Available Values section to the Selected Values list.
    3. Select Save.

When are reminders sent for accruals?

AdvoLogix sends reminder emails based on the Submission Period, Submission Due Date and Submission Window (days) configured on the matter. For more details on how to setup accruals on any matter, follow this link.

The first notification occurs x number of days, marked by the Submission Window (days), before the upcoming Submission Due Date as per the Submission Period configured on the matter. For example, if the accruals need to be submitted by the 20th of the month, then you may receive a notification 4 days earlier on the 16th of every month, if your Submission Window (days) is set to 4 on the matter. 

The second notification is sent on the actual Submission Due Date, ensuring that you don't miss the deadline.

How can reminder emails be customized?

AdvoLogix ships with a couple of email templates that are utilized in sending the accrual reminder notifications.

  • Accruals Deadline Approaching - This email template is sent for the first reminder notification that is sent x days before the actual submission due date.
  • Accruals Deadline Today - This email template is sent for the second reminder notification that is sent on the actual submission due date.

Follow these steps to customize any of the email templates with your own preferences:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Email | Classic Email Templates.
  2. From the Folder dropdown, select Accruals to display email templates within.
  3. Open and Edit HTML Version/Edit Text Version to customize the email body with information suitable to your use case.

AdvoLogix reminder emails include a placeholder for putting your Outside Counsel Accruals Import link, which you can put into the AdvoLogix Global Options here:

  • Go to Salesforce Setup | Custom Code | Custom Metadata Types.
  • Click Manage Records for the custom metadata type named Spend Management Global Options in the list displayed.
  • Click Edit for the Global Options record.
  • Put your Accruals Import Page link, which your outside counsels use to upload accruals, in the field named Outside Counsel Import Link.
  • Select Save.
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