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Getting Started with AdvoLogix Spend Management

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AdvoLogix Spend Management allows you to manage your matters that involve outside counsels in a streamlined way. You have the ability to set and assign milestones, tasks, and responsible parties, as well as set budgets and provide client portals for complete collaboration. When outside counsel submits invoices, they are automatically validated for compliance to pre-negotiated terms. No more surprise invoices or long phone calls to resolve invoicing issues. Invoice control and web-based collaboration ensure legal projects are on time and budget.

Prior to installation, your organization must have digital experiences (communities) enabled to successfully install the AdvoLogix Spend Management package.

Install the Package

The AdvoLogix Spend Management integration is provided to AdvoLogix customers as an individual package installation and is available upon request. The AdvoLogix Matter Management 1.137.x (June 2023) or greater package version is required.

Customize & Assign Page Layouts

Page Layouts

The integration provides fields and a set of related lists for easier access to them from an account or a matter, consider adding the following:

  • Account Page Layout
    • Invoice Rule field
    • Invoices related list
    • Invoice Line Items related list
  • Matter Page Layout
    • Invoice Rule field
    • Actual Fees field
    • Actual Expenses field
    • Total Invoices field
    • Invoices related list
    • Invoice Line Items related list

Customize Lists

The integration includes customized actions to support mass editing from the list of records for the following objects:

  • Invoices
  • Invoice Line Items
  • Invoice Rules

When your organization has implemented an approval process for incoming invoices, you may find a mass submit for approval action button, for invoice lists which is very helpful in submitting multiple invoices in one go.  Consider adding these action button to your lists.

Set Up Accounts & Matters for Invoice Compliance Scanning

After your page layouts have been set up to accommodate the integration, you may now establish which accounts and matters will be required to be scanned for every invoice added for compliance. It is important to note that these accounts or matters must be associated with an Invoice Rule, and only then the invoices be scanned for compliance. To learn about setting up invoice rules for compliance scanning, follow this link.

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