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Invoices to Approve Lightning Component⚡


This component is useful when your organization has implemented an approval process for the invoices. The Invoices to Approve lightning component allows easier operations to approve, reject, or reassign invoices within your team. The component has two view modes (summary and full) and AdvoLogix will automatically detect and enable the view mode based on the placement of the component within your lightning page.  For example, when placed in the sidebar (narrow) pane of a lightning page, we will automatically enable and display the component in summary view.

How do I add the Invoices to Approve to a lighting page?

1. Deployment Use Cases

The AdvoLogix Invoices to Approve component is designed for use within lightning apps or home pages. The primary use case for the component is on your home page, where the quick summary of invoices to approve will display as soon as the user logs into the organization.

2. Deployment Options

Hide Reassignment Action: Enable this option to hide the ability to reassign an invoice to another user.

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