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NetDocuments Integration (legacy)

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AdvoLogix provides seamless NetDocuments integration. The integration allows your organization to:

  • View NetDocuments content "in context" with your Matters.
  • Create the NetDocuments Matter Workspace directly from your AdvoLogix Matter.
  • Open a full page view of your Matter's NetDocuments workspace.

Please note, an existing NetDocuments account is required.

The following information applies to setting up an Add to NetDocs button for the NetDocuments integration in Classic. For set up in Lightning, please review this article.

sample matter page layout with NetDocuments integration

Implementation Overview

Implementating the integration is comprised of two required steps and one optional step. Step 1 establishes how to link the two data sources (AdvoLogix and NetDocuments) together. Step 2 adds the NetDocuments viewer to the AdvoLogix page layout. And finally, your firm may choose to optionally add feature buttons to the Matter layout.

Establishing the Application Data Relationships

The first step is to establish the data mapping relationship between AdvoLogix and NetDocuments. This is accomplished using four Matter formula fields. These fields allow you to control, for instance, which AdvoLogix field should be used as the primary NetDocuments Matter key and which field will be used as the NetDocuments Matter Name.

For example, the typical NetDocuments workspace has a Client / Matter hierarchy. AdvoLogix uses the following fields to establish the data matching relationships.

Formula Field

  • ND_Client 
    default formula: advpm__Primary_Account__r.AccountNumber

  • ND_Client_Desc 
    default formula: advpm__Primary_Account__r.Name

  • ND_Matter 
    default formula: advpm__Matter_Number__c

  • ND_Matter_Desc
    default formula: Name

To customize your formulas to use a different field mapping simply edit any (or all) of the formula fields to accommodate the desired result. 

Viewing NetDocuments Content

Viewing NetDocuments Content

The next step is to add the Matter page layout section to the area where the user will view the NetDocuments content. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Matter page layout in the page layout editor.
  2. Select the section titled "Visualforce Pages" from the left menu selector.
  3. Drag and drop the NetDocuments_For_Matters selection to the selected area on the page layout.

Optional Page Layout Buttons

Optional Page Layout Buttons
  • Creating Workspaces in NetDocuments

    Depending on your implementation use case, you will likely want to provide your users the ability to create a new NetDocuments workspace for a Matter. To facilitate this capability, AdvoLogix has provided a feature button that can be added to the Matter page layout. This button is labeled Add to NetDocs.

    When the button is invoked (by your users) a NetDocuments workspace will be created for the underlying Matter. If the workspace already exists the request will be ignored.


  • Opening NetDocuments in Full Page Mode

    In addition to the Add to NetDocs button, the integration also includes a button that will display the NetDocuments view in "full page" mode. This button is labeled Open NetDocs and allows the user interface to focus more strictly on the NetDocuments content. 

Use the Page Layout editor to add these buttons to your Matter page layout(s).

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