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Saving Docket Entries to Activities


AdvoLogix downloads all of the docket entries attached to a UniCourt case when it is saved. Docket entries represent a series of activities grouped by virtue of a common timeline objective in UniCourt. This results in the ability to assign important events or task to individuals within your organization with ease.

Saving Docket Entries

A new proposed action for saving docket entries is added to the UniCourt case by AdvoLogix. This action is available only when your case is already attached to a matter. The action will take users to an interface where they can configure the docket entries before being saved as events or tasks.

AdvoLogix saves each selected docket entry to a task or an event with dates already filled out by respective docket entries. 

From left to right, the column headings are described as follows:

  1. Create Activity - Enable this checkbox to create an AdvoLogix activity for the docket entry.

  2. Type - Can be either task or event.

  3. Activity Date - The activity due date is automatically determined by the docket entry. Events also have the ability to set a start time and duration.

  4. Duration - The duration of the event. Only shown when the activity type is an event.

  5. Subject - Identifies the task or event; in the same manner served when creating a calendar activity manually. The default for this value is provided by respective docket entries.

  6. Assigned To - Represents the individual or user to which the activity will be scheduled. As with standard activities, when enabled, multiple assignees may be selected for events.

  7. Priority - Represents the priority for the specified task. Only shown when the activity type is task.

  8. Reminder - Will enable a reminder for the specified activity.

  9. Mass Assign - Allows activities to be mass assigned to a specific user or the user specified on a matter lookup field. Completed activities will not be reassigned.

  10. From/To - The ability to filter the docket entries by a date range provided.
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