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Getting Started with the UniCourt Integration

Updated Sep 14, 2021

Before your organization can begin using the AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt you must contact AdvoLogix to request access to the UniCourt integration package as well as establish a subscription with UniCourt.

1. Understand the Capabilities

Before moving forward, we encourage organizations to review the capabilities and use cases of the AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt as well as the UniCourt web site for the current list of available courts and subscription options. Please reach out to your AdvoLogix Account Executive or a support team member with any questions you may have.

2. Contact UniCourt for a Subscription

Ensure your organization has an active UniCourt subscription for your organization to integrate with AdvoLogix. Make sure to mention to the UniCourt team that your organization will be integrating with AdvoLogix. This will assist them with understanding your subscription signup and implementation process. If desired, your AdvoLogix Account Executive can provide an introduction to the UniCourt team.

3. Request Access from AdvoLogix

The UniCourt integration is a free add-on package that can easily be deployed to your instance of AdvoLogix. For access to the installation link please contact your AdvoLogix Account Executive, AdvoLogix Technical Support (, or your AdvoLogix implementation partner.

4. Setup the UniCourt Integration in AdvoLogix

As with other changes to your organization, it is advisable to test new functionality in your sandbox prior to deployment. It is especially important to use your organizational sandbox during the pilot phase of this integration. 

4.1. AdvoLogix Setup: UniCourt

Configure the UniCourt integration options in AdvoLogix Setup. During this process, the following options should be completed:

  1. Enter your organization's UniCourt API Key.
  2. Select the various options best suitable for your organization.

To retrieve your UniCourt Account's API Key review this article or reach out to AdvoLogix Technical Support.

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