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Introduction to the UniCourt Integration


The AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt is currently in an open beta phase.  The beta phase serves one main purpose: to test performance and identify issues.  During this phase, we encourage users to send any issues, suggestions, or ideas regarding the UniCourt integration to

The AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt brings the capabilities of your UniCourt subscription in context with your AdvoLogix Matter workflow and business process. The resulting solution provides an end to end cloud-based integration experience.

About the UniCourt Service

UniCourt is a simple, efficient and low cost platform that unifies data from both State and Federal courts. UniCourt’s collaborative management tools, together with automated intelligence, streamlines processes requiring court data. 

Please see the UniCourt web site for the current list of available federal and state courts.

Main Purpose

AdvoLogix maintains critical matter information and implements life-cycle workflow tools allowing organizations to optimize their unique business process strategies. In keeping with this mantra, the AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt provides the ability to search and associate legal research data as provided by UniCourt.

In short, the integration allows users the ability to:

  • Search past or present cases (as provided by the UniCourt service) 
  • Associate the cases with matters
  • Retrieve a list of parties, attorneys, and judges, along with docket entries and documents.

Primary Elements

The key data elements of the UniCourt integration work together to allow an organization to search for and reference Cases (with a given matter or create a new one) across federal and state courts.

A UniCourt Case provides collective information about necessary and all involved parties, attorneys, judges, docket history, and documents.

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