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AdvoLogix Setup: UniCourt


The UniCourt integration global settings are available under the Integrations heading within AdvoLogix Setup. These settings allow organizations to establish their UniCourt identity, and customize global settings for use when saving or interacting with a UniCourt Case.

The UniCourt Global Settings are only available to System Administrators.

The AdvoLogix integration for UniCourt is currently in an open beta phase.  The beta phase serves one main purpose: to test performance and identify issues.  During this phase, we encourage users to send any issues, suggestions, or ideas regarding the UniCourt integration to

1. UniCourt Account

  • API Key:  This value can be retrieved directly from your UniCourt Account. When establishing your account with UniCourt, please make sure they know your organization is integrating with AdvoLogix. (A UniCourt Account's API Key can be retrieved following these instructions.)
  • Test Connection: Click the Test Connection button to validate your API Key.

2. Other Options

  • Auto Download Case Updates: When enabled, the case updates will be downloaded automatically whenever a case is updated in UniCourt.
  • Auto Download Documents: When enabled, the case documents are downloaded automatically and saved into Files whenever a document is ordered in UniCourt.
  • Post Updates to Chatter: Select a chatter group and any available updates will be posted, such as, scheduled search results from UniCourt on a regular basis.

Auto download options only work if you have the Sites with Webhook listeners set up.

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