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The AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration package is (for most customers) automatically updated. To have your organization explicitly excluded from these updates please contact [email protected]

Version 1.16

  • Enhanced the integration to bypass AdvoLogix governed object triggers for assisting data migration process.

Older Releases

Version 1.15
  • Resolved an issue where Account based filtering is not working on Create Billings interface.
Version 1.14

This update of the AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration requires the Accounting Seed Financial Suite Jasmine release. Please ensure your organization is using Accounting Seed Financial Suite Jasmine v3.75.0 (or later) prior to installing the integration update.

Date Range Filters When Creating Billings

A new From and To date range filter on the create billing replaces the Cutoff date used to produce billings. The range-based filtering allows users more control over what is included in the billings. The From date can be left empty while filtering the records for billings, in which case the To date will behave as a cutoff date, thus allowing users to continue using the application to produce billings with all records considered up to the To date.

Added Capability To Exclude Time or Expenses from Billing

New 'Create Bill For' option allows users to include or exclude Time or Expenses, giving users more control over what to include in their billings.

Enhanced Support for Numeric & Currency Field Formatting

Manage your LEDES export with more control over formatting your numeric and currency fields and limit the number of decimal places in your generated output.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where some users in some rare conditions were unable to Create Billings.
Version 1.13.1
  • Updated the default state of filters for Create Billings.  The From date range filter will now be loaded as blank. This will ensure the time and expense entries will first load on the logic of the cut-off date and then manually override the date range filter by applying a custom From date.
Version 1.13
  • Improved LEDES export compatibility.
Version 1.12.4
  • Improved support for organizations using multi-currency.
Version 1.12

This update of the AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration requires the current release of AdvoLogix. Please ensure your organization is using AdvoLogix 1.68.3 (or later) prior to installing the integration update. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest release of AdvoLogix.

1. 'No Charge' Disposition Option

To fully enable this option your organization's administrator will need to add the new picklist value No Charge to the Disposition picklist in both the Time and Expense objects. If necessary, please contact AdvoLogix support for assistance.

A new No Charge Disposition option is now available for Time and Expense records. When this option is selected, the corresponding Time or Expense record will be sent to Accounting Seed with a billing rate of $0, regardless of the rate specified on the  underlying Time or Expense record. The resulting Accounting Seed Billing Item will have an extended amount of $0.

Note the distinction between No Charge and Do Not Bill. Do Not Bill does not add the Time or Expense record to the resulting Accounting Seed Billing and thus will not show on client invoices. On the other hand, No Charge allows the Time or Expense to be represented on the invoice with a charge of $0.

2. Template Designer for LEDES Export

Prior versions of the Accounting Seed integration supported a single, customizable LEDES export format template. This update includes the ability to design and save multiple LEDES export format templates. Each client may continue to use the default LEDES template or optionally designate a specific template established at the Account level.  The LEDES export templates are managed from AdvoLogix Setup.

3. Default for the Billing Cycle End Date

This release calculates the Billing Cycle End Date for new Accounting Seed Billings using the Cutoff date used to produce the Bills. Previously, this date was calculated based on the last transaction date found in the new Billing. As always, this date can be modified after the Billing is created, this is simply a default.

4. Tab in AdvoLogix Setup

A new AdvoLogix Setup tab is now available for accessing all options related to the Accounting Seed integration. This tab is located in the Integrations section and is only visible to Administrative users.

5. Accounting Seed Integration Lightning Readiness

Previously, the optional form and list buttons (used for creating new Billings) were not available in the Lightning Experience. These buttons are now available in the Lightning Experience.

6. Technical Notes Regarding Version 1.12 Implementation

  • Your organization should be on the latest release of AdvoLogix (1.68.3 or later) prior to installing the integration update.

  • We typically push the Accounting Seed Integration updates to all organizations; however, this release will require a manual update (from the customer's organization).

  • To take advantage of the new "No Charge" feature, organizations will need to add the "No Charge" option to the Disposition picklist field values (for the Time and Expense objects).
Other Accounting Seed Integration Release Notes

Version 1.10.1 (October 2016)

  • Resolved an issue where some user validations prevent the creation of billing line items without halting the create billing process.

Version 1.10 (September 2016)

  • Added support for Global Time Description field.

Version 1.9 (March 2016)

  • Improved the capabilities of the Create Billing process when handling large amounts of text content in Billing Items.


Version 1.7 (January 2016)

  • Added the ability to perform a Mass LEDES Export from the Accounting Seed Billing Tab. This feature is available by adding the new export button to the Billing list.


Version 1.6 (November 2015)

  • Added LEDES Export functionality for Accounting Seed Billings.


Version 1.4 (June 2015)

  • Added the ability to customize the line item field mapping between AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed. Users can now create new field mappings or modify the defaults.


Version 1.2 (February 2015)

  • Initial Release. 


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