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Introduction to the Accounting Seed Integration

Updated Jul 11, 2020

AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed seamlessly coalesce together within your Salesforce organization to create a "best of breed" solution. There is no need to synchronize across different platforms because all data is centrally managed within the same data ecosystem.

About Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed provides complete General Ledger, full accrual business accounting on the platform making it an excellent companion for AdvoLogix. Combined with the Billing and Accounts Payable features, you are able to do all your accounting in one place.

Some Features of Accounting Seed

  • Full Accrual Accounting
  • Flexible Sub-Account structure with 4 segments available.
  • Projects and Project tasks built into the ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Core Financial reports without ever leaving Salesforce
  • User Defined/Fully Formatted Financial Statements
  • Automatically turn an Opportunity into a sale
  • Recurring Billing
  • Deferred Revenue and Expense
  • Multiple PDF Invoice Formats
  • Accounts Payable & Cash Disbursements
  • Built in approvals
  • Cloud based check printing from the web browser
  • Paper or electronic cash disbursements supported

What are the goals of the Accounting Seed integration?

AdvoLogix provides Time and Expense tracking at the Matter level. This allows AdvoLogix to pair well with the billing and invoicing capabilities of Accounting Seed. In essence, the goal of our integration is to provide a seamless transfer of Matter-based Time and Expense tracking into an Accounting Seed Billing (aka invoice).

Primary Elements of the Accounting Seed Integration

  • Create Accounting Seed Billings (invoices) from Time & Expense records entered in AdvoLogix.
  • Provide work-in-progress analysis for Time and Expenses.
  • Automatically create and link an Accounting Seed Project (and initial Task) with an AdvoLogix Matter.
  • Provide LEDES 1998B export capabilities for Accounting Seed Billings.

The Bill Creation Data Model

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