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How do I create a bill or invoice?


The integration provides several methods to automatically create Accounting Seed Billings. 

Create Billing (batch process)

The Create Billings batch process provides a quick method to bill unprocessed Time and Expenses through a given date range. The batch process is specifically designed to include only those items not previously billed, by virtue of the underlying record's Status field value of Unprocessed

  1. Open the Create Billing from the Matters list or an individual Matter record.
  2. Select a Date Range to select the Time and Expense records based on there respective date values. The Start Date will default to the first day of the current month and the End Date will default to the current date.  
    • The From date can be left empty, in which case, the Create Billings will assume and display all Unbilled Time and Expenses up to To date.  (The To date will also be used as the Billing's Billing Cycle End Date.)
  3. Optionally, entering an Account value will limit the preview to the Matters that are assigned to the selected Account.
  4. Optionally, entering a Matter value will limit the preview to the Time and Expenses that are assigned to the selected Matter.
  5. Select whether you want to Create Bill for Time Only, Expenses Only, or Both.
  6. Select Refresh to re-list the data when appropriate.
  7. Preview the items for the Billing, edit if needed.
  8. Select the Create Billing button to create new billings in Accounting Seed.

You may confirm the Billing options via the Options link at the top of the page.

Create Billing from Matter or Account

Another method that can be used to create Accounting Seed Billings is by using the Create Bill button from the Matter or Account Page layout. This method will filter the Create Bill process by the selected Matter or Account. This button can be added (optionally) to the Matter and Account page layout and/or list views. When adding the button to the list views the underlying records can be tagged and then batch processed by tag.

Notes of Importance

Regardless of the method used to create Billings via the AdvoLogix Accounting Seed Integration, the following notes are of importance:

  • One Billing is created for each Matter. 
  • Matters that are not flagged Billable will not be shown.
  • Time and/or Expenses marked as Do Not Bill will be shown and processed but will not be placed on a Billing. 
  • Time and/or Expense records marked as No Charge will result in a Line Item rate of $0.
  • Time and/or Expenses marked Hold will not be shown (or processed).

The integration provides several methods for invoking the Create Billing process. The most common methods are the Create Billings sidebar link and the Create Billing button on the Matter page layout. 

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