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Can I un-bill time or expense records?


For billing data integrity purposes you should avoid the need to unbill Time or Expense records, however should the need arise the following options are available.

Unbill an Entire Bill

When an Accounting Seed Billing is deleted from AdvoLogix, all Time and Expenses are placed back in "work in progress" with a Status of Unprocessed and a Disposition of Bill. This process is invoked by a trigger on the Accounting Seed Billing object.

Unbill a Single Record

There are two ways to Unbill a single record.

  1. By deleting the Billing Line Item from the Accounting Seed Billing.
  2. By using the "Unbill" button form the Time or Expense page layout. If using this option you will need to add these buttons to your layouts via the page layout editor.

You cannot Unbill a posted Billing Line Item.

Additional Notes

Time and Expense records have a validation rule that prohibits editing or deleting the underlying Time or Expense record if the record currently exists in a previously created Accounting Seed Billing.

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