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How do I export LEDES formatted invoices?


The AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration includes the ability to export Accounting Seed Billings in LEDES format. Exports can be initiated from the Billing record or the Billings list. The integration's export templates allow the output format to be uniquely customized for each client.

1. Introduction to LEDES Export

The integration provides a Default field mapping template allowing organizations to control the output format of the resulting LEDES file.  In addition to the default field mapping, LEDES Export Templates provide organizations with the ability to design and save multiple LEDES export formats. 

Each Account (your client) may receive the default LEDES format or your organization may optionally designate a specifically formatted template for each Account.  

2. LEDES Export Field Mapping Templates

2.1. The Following Steps are Required to Implement LEDES Export Templates

  • Create the required field mapping templates using the LEDES Export Template design utility. The utility can be accessed from AdvoLogix Setup under the integrations section (illustrated above).

  • Assign the LEDES Export Template  to those clients you wish to receive a specific LEDES format. The template is assigned via the LEDES Template lookup field on the Account page layout. It is important to note, this setting is not used when mass exporting (which uses a specific template selected at run-time).

2.2. UTBMS Code Mapping

There are three UTBMS fields that can be mapped; Task Code, Expense Code and Activity Code. These UTBMS codes do not allow a space in the export file. The export process will automatically truncate the mapped code value to exclude any text after the space. For instance, the following codes will be exported as illustrated: 

If the code has a value of:

  • "L130 Experts/Consultants" the exported value will be L130
  • "WC320 Document Production/Acquisition", the exported value will be WC320

Should this methodology conflict with your data definition please provide us an example of your UTBMS code set.

3. The LEDES Export Process

3.1. Initiating the LEDES Export

There are two ways to invoke the LEDES Export process:

  1. Export One Billing: using the LEDES Export button to the Billing page layout. This method allows the export process to automatically select the LEDES export template assigned at the Account level. If a template has not been assigned to the Account, the default template will be automatically selected.

  2. Mass Export Multiple Billings: from the Billings list using the LEDES Export list button. Using this method requires the user to select an export template format at run-time. The selected template will apply to all Billings.

If your organization assigns export templates at the Account level, mass export cannot use the established Account default. Mass export always requires the user to select a specific template format, in real-time, during the export process.

3.2. The Export Dialog

Upon initiating the export process, the confirmation dialog (shown above) allows the user to continue the export or edit the LEDES export format. The following options are available from the export confirmation:

  • Export: will complete the export process. The export file is automatically downloaded by your web browser and will be found in your browser's download folder. The file is either named after the Matter or, when using batch export, will be named Batch Export. Both files are suffixed with the current date.

  • Edit: will invoke the LEDES export template formatting dialog for the selected template. 
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