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Release Notes (CT SOP)


The following release notes specifically apply to the AdvoLogix CT SOP integration.

Version 1.11

AdvoLogix has upgraded the integration framework to support the new CT sandbox environment with updated endpoints.

Manually Update Remote Site Settings in Salesforce

The new CT sandbox environment setup enforces new endpoints to be used for connecting to CT SOP service.

Users updating to CT SOP Integration from version below 1.11, please follow these steps and manually update the endpoints in the following Remote Site Settings, provided by AdvoLogix, for continuous connectivity to CT SOP service for a sandbox environment:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Security | Remote Site Settings.
  2. Find and click Edit action link for Remote Site Setting named CT_SOP_REST_Test.
  3. Update the Remote Site URL to
  4. Click Save to save the remote site setting.
  5. Find and click Edit action link for Remote Site Setting named CT_SOP_SOAP_Test.
  6. Update the Remote Site URL to
  7. Click Save to save the remote site setting.

Older Releases

Version 1.9 (GA)

1. Setup Options (AdvoLogix Setup - CT SOP)

Auto Link Matter
This option will help link matters to SOP Logs as they are being imported and when a matching matter, identified by the Case Number, is found.  It will automatically be linked to the SOP Log.

2. SOP Log Actions

Mass 'Create Matters' and 'Download Documents'
By default, users can create a new matter or download documents for an SOP Log from its detail page only. The new “Create Matters” and "Download Documents" button on the SOP Logs list allows end-users to quickly tag multiple SOP Logs and create matters for them or download documents without having to go to individual SOP Log's detail page.

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