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Introduction to the CT SOP Integration

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The AdvoLogix CT Service of Process (SOP) integration brings the capabilities of an organization’s CT SOP service in context with their AdvoLogix matter workflow and business process. The resulting integration provides an end to end cloud-based solution.  

To install the CT SOP Add-on, the Matter Management package must be on a version no older than Fall 2018 (v1.80.22).

Integration Workflow Overview

The integration provides a customizable workflow environment (illustrated above) for managing new and updated SOP Logs. SOP Logs are saved within AdvoLogix and can be linked to an existing matter or used as the basis for a new matter. The integration's user experience and automation capabilities provide the necessary elements to manage the business process of SOP review.

Goals of the CT SOP Integration

AdvoLogix maintains critical matter information and implements life-cycle workflow tools, allowing organizations to optimize their unique business process strategies. In keeping with this mantra, efficiency of the SOP review process is significantly improved by centralizing access to SOP information in context with AdvoLogix Matter Management.

  • The integration monitors and saves your organization's SOP activity within AdvoLogix. This allows AdvoLogix users the ability to follow a flexible SOP review workflow process and streamline matter onboarding. Organizations can use the out-of-the-box settings or customize settings and automation processes best suited to their business requirements.

  • The integration streamlines the matter onboarding process. A key element of the SOP workflow process is the ability to seamlessly create new matters using the underlying SOP Log information and our field mapping templates.

  • The integration allows organizations the option to 'opt-in' to the ability to submit and monitor SOP Acknowledgements from within the integration.

  • The platform collaboration capabilities of AdvoLogix allow organizations to implement SOP relevant notifications (to team members) at any stage of the SOP workflow.

  • Analytics dashboards help monitor your organization's SOP workflow metrics.
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