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Getting Started with the CT SOP Integration

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The following outline provides an overview for getting started with the AdvoLogix CT SOP integration. Appropriate coordination with your product account teams is an important step in the planning process.

To install the CT SOP add-on, the Matter Management package must be on a version no older than Fall 2018 (v1.80.22).

1. Planning and Provisioning

Before getting started, make sure to contact both your CT and AdvoLogix account executives. Let them know your organization is interested in implementing the AdvoLogix integration for CT SOP.

1.1. Evaluate the Integration Capabilities

Take a look at a few of our key chapters covering the AdvoLogix CT SOP integration. These articles provide a range of detail from introduction to day-to-day user experience capabilities. 

1.2. Coordinate Access to the CT SOP Enterprise Connector

AdvoLogix integrates via the CT SOP Enterprise Connector. This connector and your CT account configuration, allow the AdvoLogix integration to download your organization's SOP activity.  The integration requires credentialing provided to your organization by CT Corporation.

Please contact your CT account executive for more information regarding the provisioning of this service. Implementation of the integration cannot  begin until the CT SOP Enterprise Connector credentialing has been established.

2. Install and Configure the Integration

Ensure your CT SOP Enterprise Connector credentials have been obtained prior to installing the integration. Those credentials will be needed during the setup process that follows.

2.1. Install the Package

The integration is available from AdvoLogix as an add-on managed packaged.  Contact AdvoLogix Support ([email protected]) to request the installation link.

2.2. Assign the Permission Set

The integration includes two pre-configured permission sets:

  1. The CT SOP User permission set, that can be assigned to relevant users who need access to the application components.
  2. The CT SOP Acknowledgements User permission set, that can be assigned to users who would be granted permission to submit SOP Acknowledgements.

2.3. Configure Setup Options

Global options should be configured after the successful installation of the integration package. Review this article for details regarding the integration setup options.

2.4. Setup Field Mapping

Field mapping templates enable the integration to quickly create new matters based on information from an SOP Log. Record type templates allow the default field mapping to be overridden and extended for each matter record type.  Review this article for more information on field mapping.

[Optional] Consider adding the SOP Log related list to the matter's page layout. The related list allows users to quickly access SOP Logs related to the underlying matter.

2.6. Add Mass Action Buttons to SOP Log List

[Optional] Consider adding available SOP Log list action buttons to SOP Log list layout. These mass action buttons allow quickly taking an action for multiple SOP Logs in bulk.

  • Create Matters - Tag multiple SOP Logs and create matters in bulk for respective SOP Log records.
  • Download Documents - Tag multiple SOP Logs and download related documents for the respective SOP Log records.
  • Acknowledge Logs - Tag multiple SOP Logs and submit them for acknowledgement to CT.

3. Business Process Automation

Implement your organization's desired business process automations. Most organizations will opt to make business process user assignments and notifications with flow builder.

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