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Using the Secured Logins Manager

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SharePoint Secured Logins allow users to perform actions within SharePoint on behalf of another user. Secured logins can allow you to perform various activities that you may not want to share with your regular SharePoint users.  For example, you may not want all users to be able to automatically create folders or allow individual community users to have individual user logins to access information shared with them via Digital Experience (Lightning Communities).  

Please Note: Users will need the Customize Application permission in Salesforce to manage or edit options within the SharePoint Setup tab.

Secured Logins Manager

A maximum of 10 users can be enabled as secured logins.

Go to the SharePoint Setup tab.  From the side menu, click on Secured Logins Manager.

  1. The New action button in the page header allows users to create a new secured login user.
  2. A list of all previously saved secured logins, along with the respective user's authentication status for SharePoint.
  3. A row action button to authorize the respective user for SharePoint.
  4. A row action button to revoke a user's ability to act as secured login. 

Each user who has been set up as secured login needs to authenticate themselves to SharePoint.  This can be achieved by the individual user from within their own Salesforce user or by the administrator who is setting up the secured logins. If the provided user logs out from their environment, then it logs out from all components where it has been set up to be used as secured login via Login As deployment option within app builder or flow invocable actions.

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