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Using the Folder Templates Tab (deprecated)

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The Folder Templates are a set of folders that users can generate within the connector. This is a quick way to create a hierarchy of folders in SharePoint, for any record.

The Folder Templates custom tab is only available to users who have previously installed version 1.10 and earlier. 

For users upgrading to version 1.11, the Folder Templates tab has been deprecated and to avoid confusion we advise you to delete the tab.  To delete the tab, navigate to the Salesforce Setup | User Interface | Tabs, and find and delete the tab manually from the available list of tabs.

The functionality for this tab will now live on the SharePoint Setup tab, by selecting the sub-menu Folder Template Manager.

Create a New Folder Template

  1. Navigate to the Folder Templates tab. You can find this tab by going to the apps launcher and searching for the tab with the same name.
  2. Click New.
  3. Provide a Name for your Folder.
  4. Click Save.
  5. View the Folder Template record, if it hasn't already opened automatically.
  6. Under the Sub-Folders related list, click the New action.
    • Add more sub-folders within this folder by repeating the process from Step 2 onwards for each sub-folder.

The AdvoLogix Connector for SharePoint and Salesforce supports nesting of sub-folders up to three levels deep. Even if you are able to add more to the folder template hierarchy, the connector will only be able to generate folders up to three levels deep.

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