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3 - Set Up the SharePoint Featured Items Configuration

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SharePoint Featured Items Manager allows users to create or edit configurations comprised of a list of folders from SharePoint and can be displayed using SharePoint Featured Items lightning component. These configurations are available to be setup by an administrator of your organization. For more details, see this article.

SharePoint Featured Items Manager Basics

From the side menu, click on SharePoint Featured Items Manager.

  1. The New action button in the page header allows users to create a new featured items configuration.
  2. A tree-view list of all previously saved featured items configurations, where the parent row displays the configuration name and subsequent rows inside display the list of chosen folders from SharePoint.
  3. A row action menu containing various action items available for each featured item configuration. 

When the row action menu is selected (see #3 above) these are the available options:

  1. Edit - Edit an existing featured items configuration.
  2. Delete - Remove an existing featured items configuration.
  3. Add a folder to Featured - Allows browsing through a SharePoint Site and selects a folder to be added to the featured items lightning component.
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