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Introduction to the SharePoint Integration

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The connector allow users to access their SharePoint documents and folders right inside their Salesforce instance. Users can create files/folders, view folders and its sub-folders, and edit files from the context of the records they are viewing.

What functionality does this module serve?

What functionality does this module serve?
  •  The component can be mapped to a particular folder on the SharePoint site. Every record can be associated with a specific folder in the SharePoint site.
  • Files can be added to your SharePoint site document repository via drag-and-drop or from a file selection dialog.
  • The list of files and folders is displayed to the user for easier operations. You can drill down into folders with a simple click.
  • Users can create a new SharePoint document/spreadsheet/presentation from within the component interface.
  • Documents can be opened directly into SharePoint with a single click.

How do I setup the connector?

The connector setup requires your administrator to first setup a SharePoint Add-in App or setup an Azure Active Directory App, based on how your organization has setup your SharePoint access.

Once this initial setup is complete, you will have the Client ID, the Client Secret and, if you've used Azure Active Directory to authenticate SharePoint, the Tenant ID as well. We will need to save these values in the SharePoint Configuration of Salesforce. This configuration helps communication between SharePoint and AdvoLogix for sending and retrieving data.

To give the connector a try, please contact [email protected].

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