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Introduction to the AdvoLogix® Connector for SharePoint® and Salesforce®


The connector allow users to access their SharePoint® documents and folders right inside their Salesforce® instance. Users can create files/folders, view folders and its sub-folders, and edit files from the context of the records they are viewing.

What functionality does this module serve?

What functionality does this module serve?
  •  The component can be mapped to a particular folder on the SharePoint® site. Every record can be associated with a specific folder in the SharePoint® site.
  • Files can be added to your SharePoint® site document repository via drag-and-drop or from a file selection dialog.
  • The list of files and folders is displayed to the user for easier operations. You can drill down into folders with a simple click.
  • Users can create a new SharePoint® document/spreadsheet/presentation from within the component interface.
  • Documents can be opened directly into SharePoint® with a single click.

How do I setup the connector?

The connector setup requires your administrator to first setup a SharePoint® Add-in App or setup an Azure® Active Directory App, based on how your organization has setup your SharePoint® access.

Once this initial setup is complete, you will have the Client ID, the Client Secret and, if you've used Azure® Active Directory to authenticate SharePoint®, the Tenant ID as well. We will need to save these values in the SharePoint® Configuration of Salesforce. This configuration helps communication between SharePoint® and AdvoLogix® for sending and retrieving data.

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