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Getting Started with the CalendarRules Integration

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Before your organization can begin using the AdvoLogix integration for CalendarRules, you must contact AdvoLogix to request access to the CalendarRules integration package as well as establish a subscription for CalendarRules.

1. Understand the Capabilities

Before moving forward we encourage organizations to review the capabilities and use cases of the AdvoLogix CalendarRules integration as well as the CalenderRules web site for the current list of available court rules and subscription options. Please reach out to your AdvoLogix Account Executive or a support team member with any questions.

2. Request Access from AdvoLogix

The CalendarRules integration is a free add-on package which can easily be deployed to your instance of AdvoLogix. For access to the installation link please contact your AdvoLogix Account Executive, AdvoLogix Technical Support or your AdvoLogix implementation partner.

3. Subscribe to the Requisite Court Rules

Ensure your organization has an active CalendarRules subscription for the jurisdictions your organization wishes to integrate with AdvoLogix. Make sure to mention to the CalendarRules team that your organization will be integrating with AdvoLogix. This will assist them with understanding your subscription signup and implementation process. If desired, your AdvoLogix Account Executive can provide an introduction to the CalendarRules team.

4. Setup the CalendarRules Integration in AdvoLogix

As with other changes to your organization it is advisable to test new functionality in your sandbox prior to deployment. It is especially important during to use your organizational sandbox during the pilot phase this integration.  

4.1. AdvoLogix Setup: CalendarRules

Configure the CalendarRules integration options in AdvoLogix Setup. During this process the following options should be completed:

  • Enter your organization's CalendarRules account credentials.
  • Import the list of subscribed Courts into the AdvoLogix Court Entity database. If your organization subsequently subscribes to additional courts, the import will need to be executed again.
  • Select the various options available when creating dockets.

4.2. Update the Matter Page Layout(s)

There are two matter page customizations needed for the CalendarRules integration:

  • If your organization hasn't already done so, add the Court lookup to the appropriate matter page layout(s).
  • Add the Dockets related list to the appropriate matter page layout(s).
  •  Your organization may optionally choose to add the Create Docket button to the button menu on the matter page layout.

5. Assign Courts to Matters

This step is optional but highly recommended. Assigning a Court to the matter's court lookup will allow the integration to automatically select the appropriate set of triggers when creating a new docket. Otherwise users will be required to select the court each time a new docket is created.

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