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All support requests are tracked via our Support Ticket Management System. Your electronic ticket submission will be closely monitored to ensure the appropriate response is provided to your request.  Our technical services staff are prepared to provide assistance with troubleshooting and correcting potential software malfunctions and applying our documented examples (or those of Salesforce) to your specific needs. 

Contacting Technical Support

A ticket can be opened one of two ways:

  1. Send an email to [email protected]  (Available 24 hrs)
    • This will automatically generate an electronic ticket in our support tracking system and notify the appropriate personnel. Please include as much information about your issue as possible. 
  2. Give us a call @ 888-898-2386 Ext. 2 (Available 8 AM - 5 PM CST)

If you have an operational question, consider searching for an example in our detailed documentation. The search feature located at the top of every page will quickly locate answers to most operational questions.

Service Levels for Support

While all requests will be given the attention they deserve, some circumstances require a more immediate level of attention.  When submitting support requests to Support, you are given the option to provide a severity level for your request.  The severity level you choose must meet the guidelines below to qualify for any escalated level of service you choose when submitting your support request.

Security Level Severity Definition Target Response Times
High Showstopper.  User cannot access or use their org and no workaround is available.*

Workaround: 4 hours or less

Resolution: 2 business days or less

Medium There is an issue but a workaround is available.* Resolution within next application upgrade or release.
Low (default) There is an issue but it does not prevent the user from performing their job responsibilities. Unless severity level escalated to a medium or high, the majority of these issues will be accumulated into a future maintenance or release.

*Complete diagnostics from the customer is required.

Support Limitations

There are limitations to the type and level of support we provide with indirect technical issues. Under certain conditions, we may limit the amount of support and explicitly bear no responsibility resolving technical issues related to the following:

  • Software not produced and distributed by AdvoLogix
  • Customizations and enhancements that are not part of the AdvoLogix application package 

    Examples: triggers, workflow rules, roles, permissions and other customizations

  • Salesforce desktop applications (Outlook, Word, etc)
  • Web browser or operating system configurations
  • Connectivity and network - LAN, DSL, cable, wireless or any other means

Additional Notes

  1. If you employ an implementation consultant to add additional customizations that add-on functionality or business automation to work in conjunction with AdvoLogix or the Salesforce platform, you will need to contact the implementation consultant to gain support for their customized code.

    Examples: APEX Classes, APEX Triggers, Custom HTML, S-Controls, etc.

  2. If you install a third party application to work in conjunction with your AdvoLogix package or the Salesforce platform, you will need to contact the third party application provider to gain support for their application and their customized code.

    Examples: APEX Classes, APEX Triggers, Custom HTML, S-Controls, Package Components and Customizations, etc.
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