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Steps to Activate a New GIS (Google Identity Services) For Authentication

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Google Identity Services (GIS) is the latest service available from Google for authorization and authentication purposes within AdvoLogix integration with Google Drive. For customers who already have Google Drive integration enabled within the organization should follow steps mentioned below to switch the existing authentication mechanism to follow the updated Google Identity Service for authorization.

  1. Go to the AdvoLogix Setup tab.
  2. Select the Files and Content sub-menu.
  3. Click on the [change] action link to enable the Google Drive Connector.
  1. Leave the Google Drive Client Id value as-is.
  2. Toggle Enable the Google Drive Connector option to the unchecked state.
  3. Click Save to submit your changes.
  4. Repeat Step #3 onward and this time toggle Enable the Google Drive Connector option to the checked state.
  5. Click Save to submit your changes.

You will now be asked with Approve Google API Access to create a Remote Site Setting and CSP Trusted Sites for Google's API access.  Select Continue to create the Google API configuration settings in your organization.

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