AdvoLogix Matter Management

Using the Google Drive Connector

Updated May 12, 2021

For every matter, a base folder will be present in Google Drive. A user will be presented with an option to connect to an existing base folder in Google Drive or it can be created and linked to the matter on the go.

  1. Displays logged-in user's basic information such as name and email.

  2. An action button to log out the user.

  3. Basic breadcrumb informational bar, to display the current folder path from your base folder, with each folder clickable to jump directly into. Clicking the folder icon in the breadcrumb will take the user to the current folder in Google Drive.

  4. User can select a file to upload or drag-n-drop a file to upload into the current folder.

  5. A list of files and folders from your Google Drive.

  6. Options menu to perform basic operations:
    1. Create a Folder - To create new folders within your currently displayed folder.
    2. Link an Existing Folder - To connect a different base folder to the matter.
    3. Create a Spreadsheet - To create a Google Doc in the current folder displayed.
    4. Create a Document - To create a Google Sheet in the current folder displayed.
    5. Create a Slide - To create a Google Slide in the current folder displayed.
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