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How to Assemble & Update Your Google Drive Authorized Redirect URL

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To set up the Google Drive integration, you will need to assemble an Authorized Redirect URL with the instructions below.

Find Your My Domain Name

To find your organization's My Domain name, go to Setup >> Quick Find: My Domain (see below).

Find the Sandbox Name (only if using a sandbox)

If you are installing into a sandbox, then you will need the name of the sandbox as well.  To find your sandbox name, (while logged into the sandbox) look at the top of any page (see below).

Assemble Your URL

With Enhanced Domains enabled:

  • Production - https://[your salesforce my domain]
  • Sandbox - https://[your salesforce my domain]--[your sandbox name]

Without Enhanced Domains:

  • Production - https://[your salesforce my domain]
  • Sandbox - https://[your salesforce my domain]--[your sandbox name]--advpm.[instance_name]
    • My Domain name = acmecompany
    • Sandbox Name = sandbox1

If installing into a production org, then this link would be used -

  • When Enhanced Domains is enabled:
  • When Enhanced Domains is not enabled:

If installing into a sandbox, then this link would be used -

  • When Enhanced Domains is enabled:
  • When Enhanced Domains is not enabled:

When Enhanced Domains is enabled or disabled within an organization, it will impact the authorized url needed for authenticating users within the integration. Whenever such configuration change is deployed within your organization, your administrator must assemble the new updated URL as explained above and update according to instructions specified below.

The redirect url assembled above should be added within the Google Cloud Console Project.

How To Update Your Authorized Redirect URL

  1. Go to and log in to the Google Cloud Console using your Google account.
  2. Once signed in, select the drop-down menu at the top-left corner and you will see a list of existing projects.  Select the project that was set up to authorize your Google Drive integration previously.
  3. Under the Quick access section, click on the APIs and Services action link.
  4. From the sidebar, click on the Credentials menu item.
  5. Find your previously saved credential under OAuth 2.0 Client IDs section, and click on the name.
  6. On the screen that is opened, and under the section named Authorized Redirect URIs, click + Add URI button to add new rows and enter your assembled URL from above.
  7. Click on Save button.
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