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Introduction to the Google Drive Connector

Updated May 12, 2021

The Google Drive connector can be found within the  AdvoLogix Related Files lightning component and will allow users to access their Google Drive documents and folders right inside their Salesforce instance. Users can create files/folders, view folders and its sub-folders, and edit files without navigating away from their Matters.

The Google Drive connector must be activated for your organization by contacting

What functionality does this module serve?

What functionality does this module serve?
  •  The component can be mapped to a particular folder on Google Drive (Personal or Shared). For every record, we can associate it with a specific folder in Google Drive.

  • Files can be added to your Google Drive document repository via drag-and-drop or from a file selection dialog.

  • The list of files and folders is displayed to the user for easier operations. You can drill into folders with a simple click.

  • Users can create a new Google Doc/Sheet/Slide from within the component interface.

  • Native Google files such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides can be edited within the component interface, whereas non-native documents can be opened directly into Google Drive.

How do I setup the Google Drive Connector?

The Google Drive connector setup requires your administrator to first setup a Google Cloud Console Project, retrieve their Client ID, and save it in AdvoLogix Setup in the Files and Content section. This Client ID helps communication between Google and AdvoLogix for sending and retrieving data.

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