Grant Account Login Access to AdvoLogix Support

In order for Advologix Support to diagnose and evaluate your AdvoLogix system, a system administrator must grant account login access.  After following the instructions below, access can be disabled/enabled as necessary. This is a security feature offered by the Salesforce platform for partners and does not require sharing your password.

The instructions in this article apply to organizations that are using Lightning Experience. Please see this article for details regarding the instructions for the Classic user experience.

1. Access Your Personal Settings

  1.  At the top of any Salesforce page, click on your image
  2. Select Settings

2. My Settings Menu

3. On the left side of the page, select Personal to display its submenu

3. Personal Settings Submenu

4. Select Grant Account Login Access from the submenu
5. Select the arrow for  the drop-down menu for LLC Support

4. Set Access Duration

6. Highlight the duration you want to grant and select Save

We ask that users grant at least one week of access for most issues submitted to AdvoLogix Support.