AdvoLogix Matter Management

Pre-Installation Requirements

Updated Jun 07, 2021

Prior to installing AdvoLogix, it is important to prepare your org with the necessary requirements.

Step 1: Verify These Settings

  1. Enable CRM Content - AdvoLogix makes extensive use of content at the matter level so it is required that CRM Content be enabled.  New Salesforce implementations will have content enabled by default.  For more information on setting up Salesforce CRM Content, follow this link.
  2. Enable My Domain - My Domain is required before you can use the lightning components, lightning pages, the Lightning App Builder, or standalone apps.  My Domain lets you define a subdomain that's part of your Salesforce domain.  
  3. Modify Email Deliverability - This page allows you to configure the settings to improve your organization's email deliverability.  The deliverability access level must be set to  All Emails.

A, B, and C (of step 1) must be completed prior to installation or the package will fail to install.  

Step 2: Create the 'AdvoLogix Platform User' Profile

To create the new profile, clone the Standard Platform User profile and name it AdvoLogix Platform User.

Step 3: Install the Package

Once you receive the installation link, copy and paste it into your browser.  You will be prompted to verify your identity by signing in again.  Next, you will be presented with the package details and the opportunity to select which security profiles will have access to AdvoLogix components.  In most cases, you will choose Install for All Users.  Keep in mind, removing access at a later time is easier than adding individual access after installation.

If you do not install for all profiles (or add a profile later), you will need to manually add all of AdvoLogix's apex classes and visualforce pages to each profile that needs access to AdvoLogix.

Once you select the Install button, the installation will begin.  After a minute or so, the screen will have the message you see below.  This is completely normal!  Select Done and you will receive an email notification once the installation is complete.  The package will usually take approximately 10 minutes to install.  

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