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Updated Jun 19, 2021

Most of our customers do not have an existing Salesforce implementation and will use the AdvoLogix signup process described here.  If your firm has a Salesforce implementation and would like to implement AdvoLogix, then you will need to follow the instructions found here: Installing AdvoLogix into an Existing Salesforce Organization.  

Directions for Creating a New Organization

You will receive an email with instructions on completing the next step.  This is email is to set your expectations and take the guess work out of the process.  Next, you will receive a second email with the subject 'Initial Your New AdvoLogix Account'.  The email will look similar to the image below.  Per the instructions sent in the first email, select the 'completing this signup form' link.

Complete the Signup Application

  1. This will be where you select your username.  You do not have to use the default username that is already there, it is up to your discretion.  However, you do have  to keep the email address format.
  2. This will be your firm's My Domain.  This can be changed at a later time, if needed.
  3. This part of the form is a bit outdated.  It shows your firm's agreement to the MSA but, at this point, this has already been done but the box still needs to be checked.

Once you select Submit Signup Application, you will receive an email from Salesforce to sign in with your new username.  Please sign out of any other orgs you may be logged into in the browser you are using before you select the link to sign in.  

If you are unable to create your password, do NOT try to reset it.  Please contact for assistance.

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