Introduction to Chatter

Chatter is a collaboration application that helps users connect with coworkers inside their AdvoLogix organization and share business information securely and in real time.  Additionally, you can invite coworkers without Advologix licenses to join Chatter. Invited users can view profiles, post on their feed, and join groups but can't see your Advologix data or records.  Chatter works in accordance with all of the security and permission settings in your Advologix organization.

1. Chatter Functionality

With Chatter, you can:

2. Chatter Feeds

Chatter feeds display recent activities performed by people and on records in your AdvoLogix organization. 

Chatter feeds are displayed in several areas:

  •  On record detail pages, where you can see updates to a single record.
  • On the Home tab and Chatter tab, where you can see your updates, updates to records you follow, and status updates of people you follow.
  • On Chatter profiles, where you can see updates by a single user. View your own profile to see your updates and to update your status.
  •  On Chatter groups, where you can see updates to a group by its members. You'll only see feeds for public groups and private groups you're a member of.