Adding Rate Groups

Rate Groups allow you to organize groups of Rates for specific Timekeepers for easy assignment of a group of Rates for Timekeepers to a Matter.

Navigate to Advologix Setup

Choose the Rates subtab

Rate Groups

Rate Groups

Click New Rate Group button to add a new rate group

Create a New Rate

Create a New Rate

Rate Group Name

Set a name for this rate group


Check if you want this rate group active (can not be used if not active)


Enter a desired description to describe the rate group


defaults to the person logged in creating the rate

~* Can be changed after save.


Enter a desired descriptor to define the rate group with an optional code

Click Save to save the new rate group

Click Save and New to save the new rate group and be taken to a blank rate creation page to add additional new rate group

Click Cancel to erase your attempt at creation and not save the rate group.

Rate Detail Page

Rate Detail Page

Shows the rate as created

Rate History - shows the history of changes made to the rate