Create Content Deliveries: Libraries Tab

A content delivery allows you to easily convert documents such as Microsoft® PowerPoint and Word files into an optimized web-based version for easy online viewing. Once you create your delivery, you can send its encrypted URL to any recipient, such as leads, customers, partners, and colleagues, and then track how often the content is viewed or downloaded. In addition to tracking, content deliveries provide several benefits over sending files as attachments, such as giving you control over how long the delivery is available to viewers and whether a viewer can download a file or see it online only.

Content App

Conent APP

Navigate to the Content App (unless you have the Content Tab enabled elsewhere).

Libraries Tab

Libraries TAB

Choose a Content File

Content File Detail page

Content File Detail page

From the content details page, click Deliver Content.

Define Settings for Content Delivery

Define Settings for Content Delivery
  1. Select the delivery methods that determine how your content can be viewed. The options that appear depend on the file format you uploaded.
    1. Choose Allow Recipient to View in the Browser to create an online version of the file that recipients can view in their browser.
    2. Choose Allow Recipient to Download as [file type] file to allow the recipient of your content delivery to view the content in its original format. (For example, if you uploaded a Microsoft®Word file, this field will be Allow download as .doc file.)
    3. Choose Allow Recipient to Download as PDF to create a .pdf version of the file. (This option is only available for Microsoft® PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files.)
  2. Select Notify Me of First View or Download if you want to receive an email the first time your recipient clicks the content-delivery URL.
  3. If the content you are delivering is time-sensitive, select the Remove Access to Content on checkbox and enter an expiration date.
    1. By default, the expiration date is 90 days from the current date. After creating your content delivery, you can change the expiration date at any time on the delivery detail page.
  4. Optionally, select Require a Password to Access Content.
    1. When you create the content delivery you will receive a password to include with the delivery URL that you send to your recipients. The password is available for the life of the delivery on the delivery detail page.
  5. Optionally, use the lookup to associate your content delivery with a Salesforce record.
    1. The record you were viewing when you clicked Deliver Content is selected by default.
  6. Click Save & Next.    
    1. Your delivery will usually be ready within a few moments, but you can click Notify Me to exit the content delivery wizard and be notified via email when your content delivery is ready.


View and Share Webpage of Content Delivery

View and Share Webpage of Content Delivery
  1. Status of Content Delivery Creation
  2. Click Preview to verify that you are satisfied with the delivery.
    1. Important: Formatting in the original file may not display correctly in the online version. 
    2. If you chose Allow Recipient to View in the Browser, preview your content delivery before sending its URL to your recipients. 
    3. If you are not happy with the quality of the online version, click Previous (4) and choose to make your content available in its original file format or a PDF only.
  3. Copy and paste the delivery URL and, if applicable, its password into an email or instant message for delivery. The URL is available on the delivery detail page.
    1. For more information, see's Viewing and Editing Content Deliveries.
  4. Click Previous to return to Define Setting
  5. Click Done when finished