Use of the Files Tab

You can easily upload, store, find, follow, share, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud using the Files page. This includes files you own or have access to from Chatter, Salesforce CRM Content, and files posted to Chatter feeds. All file types, up to 100 MB, are supported, including everything from Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, to Adobe® PDF image files, audio files, and video files.

All files you own and have access to are available to share or attach to posts on Chatter feeds. Files are automatically added to the Files list when:

  • You upload a file.
  • You or someone else attaches a file to a Chatter feed. This includes files attached to all public groups, whether you're a member or not, and private groups you're a member of, but not private groups you're not a member of.
  • Someone else shares a file privately with you using the Sharing dialog box.
  • You upload a file to a Salesforce CRM Content library.
  • Someone else uploads a file to a library you're a member of.
  • You or someone else creates a content pack or uploads a Web link in Salesforce CRM Content. You only see files from content packs and Web links you have access to.

On the Files page:

  • See all the files you own or have access to and click a specific filter on the sidebar to see a certain group of files:
  • All Files shows all files you own and have access to.
  • Recently Viewed shows the most recent files you've viewed.
  • MY FILES shows all of the files you own, files shared with you, and files you follow.
  • Files I Own shows all the files you own.
  • Files Shared with Me shows all files that have been shared with you either by a private share or a public post to your profile.
  • Files I Follow shows all the files you're following.
  • FILES IN MY GROUPS shows all files you or other people attached to groups you're a member of.
  • FILES IN MY LIBRARIES shows all files you and other people uploaded to libraries you're a member of and all files you uploaded to your personal library.
  • Search for files using specific filters and by typing terms in the Files search box, or the search box at the top of the page. You can search by file name, description, owner, type, or within the file's text. The search results are filtered based on the terms entered.
  • Click Upload a File to upload a private file or upload and share the file with people, groups, or via a file link. You own files you upload.
  • Click the Preview icon next to a file. Preview lets you see the file without downloading it.