Company Information <Video>

When your company signs up for an Advologix Instance, the information provided during signup is displayed on the Company Information page.

This lesson will show you how to Add to or Edit this information regarding your organization.

Navigate to Main Setup Menu

In Advologix, click Your Name Setup

Navigate To Firm's Information Edit Screen

In Administration Setup,

1. Click Company Profile

2. Click Company Information



Click Edit

Firm's Information (Organizational Detail)

Firm's Information (Organizational Detail)

1. Enter General Information (name, phone, fax, etc.)

2. Enter Company Address data

3. Enter Local Settings (timezone, language, etc.)

4. Choose to receive specific newsletters (*if applicable permissions are in place)

5. Set Login Notifications (*if applicable permissions are in place)

6. Click SAVE button

Lesson Video: Add or Edit Organizational Information