STEP 1: Enable Salesforce CRM Content

The AdvoLogix document management system is implemented within the platform using the functionality referred to as Salesforce CRM Content. AdvoLogix makes extensive use of Content at the Matter level. 

This step will ensure your system has Content enabled and is ready for the AdvoLogix installation. If Content is not enabled the installation cannot be performed.

New implementations will have Content enabled by default. 

How do I verify that the Salesforce CRM Content is enabled?

Navigate to Setup | Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings | Salesforce CRM Content


How do I verify that the Salesforce CRM Content is enabled?

How do I assign my users access to Salesforce CRM Content?

You can assign feature licenses in one of two ways: automatically or manually.


Click Setup | Customize | Salesforce Files Settings | Salesforce CRM Content and select Auto assign feature licenses to existing and new users and click Save.


  1. Uncheck Auto assign feature licenses to existing
  2. Navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Users
  3. Select the name of the desired user, then Edit
  4. Select the Salesforce CRM Content User check box and Save
  5. Open the profile of that same user by clicking on it
  6. Verify that this profile has these permissions selected:

          *Create Libraries
          *Manage Content Permissions
          *Deliver Uploaded Files and Personal Content